Meet Halszka (Hal for short)

Meet Halszka
(Hal for short)

A spotlight on founder of Hal.Studio

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Meet Halszka, the founder of Hal.Studio. Originally from Poland, Hal started her creative journey studying fine art photography at UAL (London) before diving into the world of graphic design. When she's not designing, you can find her spending time with her rescue greyhound or in the ceramic studio.

favourite plant: scented geraniums

current song obsession: starry night - peggy gou

How does your background in photography and a Fine Arts degree inform your role as a studio owner and art director?

Understanding the technical aspects of photography allows me to envision projects comprehensively, considering elements beyond graphic design. Photography is integral to branding and most graphic design projects, and my understanding of this area ensures a cohesive and impactful visual narrative. My fine arts background has empowered me to explore creativity without limitations. Without sounding too cliche, it has opened my eyes to the idea that inspiration can be drawn from literally anywhere. Some may find themselves overwhelmed by numerous sources and opinions. I personally embrace the diversity of perspectives, and believe that converging varied opinions cultivates the most innovative ideas. 

What do you consider the most crucial quality in your creative process?

I'm very compassionate, sometimes to a fault, and I believe this heightened sensitivity enables me to establish an emotional connection between my work and the audience. Whether designing for a specific demographic, addressing social issues, or simply creating content that evokes genuine emotions, I've found that empathy enhances the emotional impact of my work and contributes to its overall effectiveness and relevance.

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How do you perceive and address climate responsibility in the context of contemporary business practices, particularly considering your emphasis on nature in your work?

Nature stands as my primary inspiration—it fuels everything I create. For me, embracing climate responsibility is non-negotiable. It goes beyond opting for recycled paper in design projects; it's a commitment to decisions with minimal or, ideally, zero impact on the planet. This commitment is integral to my business philosophy, where I prioritise collaboration with like-minded individuals who share these values. As a business, it's crucial not to shy away from these principles, even if it means potential divergence from specific clients. I envision that, collectively, as a studio, we can wield the power of creativity as a tool for connection. Because once we feel connected to something, we start caring about it, and this is when we start making a difference.

interview: Iga szczodrowska

photography: Emilija Milusauskaite